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Hopson treasure China electricity council combining several authority

Recently, huijin hopson (Beijing) investment management co., LTD., won the China electronic commerce association awarded the certificate of the China electricity council, by the China electronic commerce association electricity council member units. Marking the company operating the Internet information platform of investment and financing, hopson, received the affirmation of electricity industry.

Recently, hopson treasure is "big" constantly, in March, at the beginning of the line, and with the third party payment platform, yeepay pay escrow agreement, will be hosting platform all funds, strict enforcement of regulations do not set the pool. In mid-april, hopson treasure of the first enterprises in the financial industry, the country's first Internet service platform - zhongguancun Internet financial services centre, to become the pioneer of Internet standard operation. At the end of may, hopson treasure with state-backed, financing guarantee agencies - dried signed a strategic cooperation agreement, a comprehensive upgrade security level. , so to speak, as in March this year launched a new platform, hopson treasure to establish cooperative relations with a number of industry authority, both on the platform of the strength, is also the masses of users to accrete treasure initial recognition results of operations.

In addition, as a rising star net credit platform, hopson treasure in cooperation with the authority of the process, constantly enhance their strength, and create, including security, independent wind control, the new operation mode of combining online.

At the same time, hopson treasure by integrating existing resources advantage, launched JiYuanBao, FengYuanBao, double wing and other diversified financial services products, striving to individuals, institutional investors investment demands and the combination of micro, small and medium enterprises financing needs, build more efficient, transparent, security of information bridge, satisfy customers diversified investment and financing needs. Pratt &whitney for financial innovation driving the development of industry, financial development to provide power.