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After 99 stage financing: increase m&a action into cities

DoNews feature on May 22 (reporter to close) interest in installment, the rapid rise of installment, strong occupied the capital market and the personage inside course of study for campus staging concern in the field of consumption. Contrast this aura that grabs an eye, two enterprises 99 staging is a lot of low profile.

Although don't like boring stage was known to the outside world, however, than boring stage set up in the morning a month 99 staging, had realized the full-year earnings in the past year, and maintaining a state of profitability.

In addition, during the Spring Festival this year, 99 stage financing also completed A round of thirty million yuan, the investor, respectively from the domestic capital and risk investment institutions rock a-share listed company background melts silver capital investment company.

99 staging CEO Yang Yuzhi admits, although compared with the installment, boring stage, 99 staging only one of their points, the financing of the performance gap, however, only two or three times, the company will enter the overall acceleration phase.

Entrepreneurial experience precipitation for many times

Although after 90, Yang Yuzhi but already has several business and Internet experience, and once in university period is responsible for the entire campus market shake handshandle net business operations and promotion, is the most profound of Yang Yuzhi an experience.

Yang Yuzhi memories, shake handshandle net line, on the day of his and four other classmates then contacted wu (the original founder of shake handshandle net), for about two weeks before and after the communication, five people has become a regional agent in heilongjiang province, and launched the shake handshandle net buys the first site - shake handshandle net station of daqing.

"Do shake handshandle net, water millions of a month, I lead to push the team has more than 100 people, that we have more than one thousand school campus ambassador, I do in heilongjiang and the main region of gansu, therefore also drop out of school for a year. Until I left, the whole area or a profitable."

Leave after the shake handshandle, in 2012, Yang Yuzhi again with friends new business, this time in the direction of the target and small lending institutions go back to the bank, do is similar to the 360 financial products search platform. Although in the end the project re-gifted sold, but this time the entrepreneurial process allows Yang Yuzhi saw the new business opportunities.

The wind control system

In this time of the entrepreneurial process, Yang Yuzhi contact is the most appropriate letter personal credit management and wealth management platform. Yang Yuzhi entrepreneurship programs and appropriate letter, more than 70 cities have cooperation, credit manager basic every day to be able to give each credit manager back in one or two orders.

Because of long-term cooperation relations, Yang Yuzhi for appropriate letter risk-control system have a general understanding. "Proper trade wind control the front three: clock in jobs, wages and social security. Specifically, the work will prove lenders income is relatively stable, social security is that lenders guaranteed, risk is lower, with clock in wages can objectively reflect the borrower's income."

Yang Yuzhi will appropriate letter risk-control consumer market corresponds to the campus stages: students in the school four years is stable, the surrounding environment and the crowd is relatively stable, students pay attention to personal credit image, and China attaches great importance to the education since ancient times, not poorer poor education, parents could not give students living expenses.

"Corresponding to come over, we can do think of this market segment, and then we did almost 3000 survey in the baidu post bar samples, feedback as we expected, so we launched the 99 staging of this project", Yang Yuzhi said.

The cost of living is limited students consumption impulse group, in the past few years has multiple occurrences of bad debt rate is too high. Yang Yuzhi know that, if you would have a better risk control, in addition to the appropriate reference letter, you also need to do more.

Therefore, launched since 99, this part focuses on the risk control by installments current 99 has achieved big data wind control installment, that is, except for the student to provide data 99 stage through data with a third party company and credit reporting company cooperation, access to other materials, such as social data, records of consumption, more data.

Except through the large data of wind control system for lending to prepare students, 99 staging platform will give legal tips, told the reimbursement may lead to not be pull into the blacklist library, through 99 in installment, and other network platform will not be able to borrow loan; At the same time, with personal credit licence 99 stages with three companies, if not reimbursement means that even the bank can't deal with business in the future.

For the students have been borrowing, 99 staging platform will before the reimbursement amount has not yet reached a certain standard, limit its secondary consumption.

"The wind control system, our bad debt rate is less than two over ten thousand" for all of last year, Yang Yuzhi disclosed.

Preparations for the new three board listing

Yang Yuzhi, according to online since 99 in installment mainly focused on second - and third-tier cities, through the offline to push people to the school. And in the completion of A round of funding, 99 will expand cities in stages, and march to first-tier cities.

"Three people from one city to 15 people in five cities, we spent six months time, 300 people from five cities to 30 cities we spent six months time, this year we decided to spend six months in 100 cities."

In addition, in terms of category, the current 99 stage mainly provide the installment product category is given priority to with digital 3 c, and since July, 99 in installment will start to travel, education training, such as driving category extension.

Yang Yuzhi said the 99 staging of net income is controlled in 3% to 4%, the order quantity of each month at around 20000, the present data continues to double. "Next year we plan to do 100-120 million."

In addition, Yang Yuzhi also revealed that 99 staging the oldest college in the last year bought the installment consumer financial services platform, immediately launched a new regional mergers and acquisitions. However, Yang Yuzhi always refused to disclose the details of the company.

For A new round of financing, Yang Yuzhi, said the company is B round, hope to introduce the a-share listed companies as A new round of financing of the investor. "After B round of funding, we dashed forward a period of time, listed on the new three board for next year, become the industry's first listed campus financial platform."